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Custom design services*

For wholesale orders our professional creative team offers design and product development services including:

  • Prototyping
  • Material sourcing
  • Product samples
  • Production advice
  • Full quality control oversight

Wholesale orders*

Are you an online retailer, real-world shop or a company looking for large orders of any of our products?

Our friendly and helpful staff are ready to help.

* Minimum order quantity 500 pieces

Ailyn Zunajo

Chief Artist
Ailyn Zunajo, Signature's Chief Artist
Signature Workshop are pleased to announce the appointment of Ailyn Zunajo as Chief Artist. Ailyn will be primarily responsible for creating new designs that may adorn Signature’s exciting product range intended for launch throughout 2024.

For many years Ailyn has had a passion for art and design, particularly focused on wildlife and nature, and is inspired by the work of legendary artist Frida Khalo and her use of brilliant colours.

Ailyn welcomes any special design requests.
Ailyn Zunajo, Signature's Chief Artist

“The path of the contemporary artist is often associated with the search for imagination. My art is inspired by my surroundings, the beauty of nature and all that live within. I grew up in rural Philippines and it is from there that this passion was born. In my new role at Signature Workshop I hope to inspire clients with my work – soon to be seen in the Signature stationery range” – Ailyn Zunajo