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Return and Exchange Policy

Signature Workshop promises that under the following circumstances, you can return the goods within 7 days from the day after you receive them, and exchange them within 15 days. You can submit a repair application online to handle return and exchange matters. The specific standards for returns and exchanges are as follows:

  1. Functional failure or product quality issues as stipulated by national laws: After being confirmed by the manufacturer’s designated or authorized after-sales service center and issuing a test report, or confirmed by Signature Workshop’s after-sales service to be a product quality issue, support for returns within 7 days (inclusive) and exchanges within 15 days (inclusive), with return shipping fees waived. Note: Please contact Signature Workshop’s after-sales service for areas without testing conditions.
  2. Logistics damage, missing parts upon arrival, or discrepancies between the product description and the website: Logistics damage refers to damage, leakage, breakage, or performance failure occurring during transportation, to be reported within 24 hours after receiving the goods and verified to be true. Missing parts refer to missing original accessories. Support for returns within 7 days (inclusive), without support for exchanges within 15 days (inclusive), with return shipping fees applicable. Note: During the Signature Workshop’s review process, express delivery personnel may need to provide proof or request you to provide physical photos, etc., to make quick judgments and handle the issue.
  3. Other reasons: Except for the above two reasons, returns and exchanges due to personal reasons are supported within 7 days (inclusive) under the condition that the product is intact and all accessories are complete (except for cases marked as not supporting returns without reason). Exchanges within 15 days (inclusive) are not supported, and return shipping fees will be charged. Note: You are responsible for the return shipping fees to Signature Workshop, and the collection fee standard applies.

Criteria for Determining Receipt Time

The second day after the actual arrival date displayed by the third-party logistics platform shall prevail. If the third-party partner cannot effectively provide the receipt date, Signature Workshop will calculate it based on factors such as distance and confirmation from the customer starting from the second day of actual arrival.

The following items do not support returns without reasons:

  1. Personalized/customized goods;
  2. Perishable goods;
  3. Online downloads or digital products such as audio-visual products you have opened, computer software;
  4. Delivered newspaper or periodical products;
  5. Goods that are not suitable for return due to their nature and confirmed by you at the time of purchase:
    a. Goods that may affect personal safety or health after opening, or goods that may change in quality after opening;
    b. Goods with significant depreciation in value after activation or trial;
    c. Goods with approaching expiration dates or defects that were clearly indicated at the time of sale;
    d. Other goods that are not suitable for return due to their nature and confirmed by you at the time of purchase, and labeled “do not support returns without reason” on the product page;
  6. Goods that cannot be guaranteed to be returned intact (goods that can maintain their original quality and function, with complete accessories and trademark labels are considered intact).

Cases Not Eligible for Returns or Exchanges:

  1. Any goods not sold by Signature Workshop (mismatched serial numbers);
  2. Out-of-warranty goods (goods exceeding the warranty period);
  3. Product quality issues caused by unauthorized repairs, misuse, collisions, negligence, abuse, liquid ingress, accidents, modifications, incorrect installation, or damage to labels, machine serial numbers, or anti-counterfeiting marks;
  4. Inconsistent or altered information on the warranty certificate;
  5. Other cases where returns or exchanges are not legally required.


When returning goods, the points and corresponding discounts obtained through evaluations or sharing orders when purchasing the goods need to be deducted. If account points have been used, they will be deducted from the refund amount accordingly. When the main product with gifts is returned, the gifts must also be returned. If the gifts are not returned, the main product cannot be refunded in full.